Lovely Little Layla {OC Newborn Photographer}

It’s been my pleasure to photographer this little beauty a few more times since these images. But I felt like you’d be missing out if I didn’t introduce you to her. She’s not only easy to work with but a … Continue reading

Handsome Little Guy {OC Newborn Photographer}

I was absolutely amazed how alert and smiley little Easton was at just 1 month old! We had a great time and he was so tolerate of me interrupting his naps here and there.

And I just love that his parents bring him back every 3 months – he’s so much fun to work with. And if you think he’s cute here, oh man, just wait! You’ll be seeing much more of this handsome little guy … his next session is schedule for the beach and I’m pretty excited about it!

Gorgeous Katarina {OC Newborn Photographer}

This little beauty was born 1 week after my son. So, I not only was excited to capture her as a newborn, but I’m fortunate enough to get to watch her grow up as my son’s first little friend.

It always amazes me how quickly babies change, she looks so different now. I still see the “her” I know now at 7 months, but her face is completely changed. It’s my privileged to capture these fleeting moments for another mom. Soon, she’ll be crawling and walking but her mom will always have these images of her precious newness at just 4 days old. And not everyone gets to say their job is to snuggle with babies less than a week old!

Here is gorgeous baby Katarina …




Beautiful Brooke {San Diego Newborn Photographer}

Precious Brooke was my first preemie. I was in complete awe of how tiny she was – even at a month old. And she didn’t want to miss a single minute of what I was doing because she stayed awake the entire session. But I pride myself with “going with the baby’s flow” so it didn’t bother me at all. I appreciated her interested and beautiful little eyes watching my every move.

Here are some of my favorite shots from of little Brooke …

Mommy Monday: New Additions

Well, I missed Monday (way to start the new year, huh?) BUT I have so much to share since I’ve been gone! And thank you for excusing my time off. It took me a little longer than I expected to get back to blogging – 2 kids is exponentially more adjustment than I anticipated. Even though I wasn’t adding to the blog, I WAS still working. There were 3 newborns & a few other sessions during my time off I’d like to share.

There are also some BIG changes in 2012 for my business!! I’m so ready to stretch my wings a little further …

But first, I have a special little someone to share with you to kick off the new year!!

May I introduce you to (if you haven’t already met), MY new addition, Fin.

The day he was born {9/12/2011}


8 days new


Not even 6lbs


Wonderfully Made


Adored from the moment he entered the world.

Sugar & Spice & Everything that’s Perfect! {San Diego Newborn Photographer}

Well, I could go on for days about how precious this newborn is.

And it would just be a matter of seconds before you’d realize how special she is to me  … so I’m going to fess up, tell you I love her, and let you see why …

… introducing, my niece Audrey Ray.



(and stay tuned til Wednesday 11/24 because I will be out of town the rest of this week until then … thanks for stopping by!)

Baby Dylan {San Diego Newborn Photographer}

This session was beyond exciting for me … not only a newborn but my 1st session back in California!

I decided to try a new shot and this was a great opportunity for it! You see, baby Dylan is brother #3 so his mom was much more comfortable with me wanting to put him in a “hammock” and hang him from a branch. But don’t worry – not only was there a bean bag under him, but mom never left his side! This shot would have been a 1st time mom’s nightmare but Dylan’s mom was a good sport. (Thanks Julia!!)

We had a great shoot and I was so thankful to be able to spend some time with such a special little guy! I saw him again a couple weeks ago and holy moly it always amazes me how fast they grow!! I’m so glad we were able to capture some of his moments while he was still just 6 days old.

A Special Gift

I have to say that I never get tired of capturing a tiny newborn in photographs. Each session is different and I’ve yet to have much go “as planned” but that’s part of the challenge for me. It takes lots of time, lots of patience, and lots of clean cloth diapers for each session! Each baby is a special gift from God and I can’t say it enough, every mother should have pictures taken during the newborn stage – its gone before you realize it. I don’t miss the lack of sleep and I wouldn’t trade my sassy 3 year old for anything but looking through newborn shots always brings on tears.

This special gift is Kaden.

Beautiful Belly

One of my passions is shooting Maternity Sessions. I can’t say it enough – ALL expecting mothers are beautiful! Some day, I hope to have a calendar FULL of scheduled bellies with Newborns to follow! Pregnancy & Newborn are such short lived stages in our lives, fleeting moments, gone in a blink. Every mother deserves to have beautiful pictures of such a special time in their lives! I LOVE LOVE LOVE capturing the beautiful images of a new life – thank you Lord for the blessings!