Motherhood: the Dichotomy of Agony and Ecstasy

The moment I knew I was going to be a mother, my life changed. Things that I never thought twice about before suddenly became real, sometimes terrifying – a stranger walking quickly towards your babes . And small things that would make me smile suddenly filled my heart with delight – their first trip to Disneyland. Other things that had become mundane and simple were suddenly morphed into challenging and complex – going to the grocery store with two small children in tow.

As mothers, our lives are forever changed. I’m not the same person I was before them or even before the last one. They quickly grow up and grow us along with them. And for that, I thank my children – thank you Lord for my blessings.

May the days your babies completely fill your heart & soul with joy be more than the ones where they completely drain you!

Happy Mother’s Day


Beautiful Family on Shell Beach, La Jolla {San Diego Photographer}

I just loved spending time with this family. Beautiful weather, beautiful beach, AND a beautiful pregnant mommy & her gorgeous family on the beach – that’s why I love my job!  And these little girls were so much fun to play with, we ran around, we laughed, and had a great time. Their youngest was just about to turn one and soon after this session they became a family of 5 – some important moments in time!

I love being a part of a such special time in a family’s journey!


Maternity Session at Shell Beach, La Jolla {La Jolla Maternity Photographer}

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Maternity sessions. It’s such a special time for a family. And since its just a “phase” of our lives, its my honor to capture some of those moments. For my family, the 1st pregnancy was 9 years in the making – so I understand how special the phase it really is.

I type this in all my 34 weeks of our 2nd pregnancy (swollen, can’t sleep, sweating ALL the time, hormonal) glory. I can’t help but think I only have precious few weeks left before my gift from God is exposed to the world. All my aches, whines, and preggies aliments will be washed away the exact moment I see that little face. The part that’s often forgotten is the process … capture those moments mommies! Not everyone is given the opportunity to capture this time. Fat, swollen, or exhausted – you and your family will cherish the pictures later. And although most most preggies don’t feel beautiful at the time, the pictures are precious glimpses of how beautifully blessed they really are from inside to out – literally! So document it, its one of the most important phases of your life – the process that CREATES a family.

I can’t say enough how I love shooting sessions for preggies!! And I was so excited about this particular Maternity session because it would be my first on the beach … love, love, LOVE outdoor Maternity Sessions! A huge thank you to this family for including me in such a special time!

Beautiful Belly

One of my passions is shooting Maternity Sessions. I can’t say it enough – ALL expecting mothers are beautiful! Some day, I hope to have a calendar FULL of scheduled bellies with Newborns to follow! Pregnancy & Newborn are such short lived stages in our lives, fleeting moments, gone in a blink. Every mother deserves to have beautiful pictures of such a special time in their lives! I LOVE LOVE LOVE capturing the beautiful images of a new life – thank you Lord for the blessings!

Beauty, Thy Name is Woman – OC & San Diego Maternity Photographer

While God may have sentenced us to a difficult childbirth, He also graced us with a beautiful form leading up to it.  Every woman is a beauty while pregnant, even though at the time it sure doesn’t feel that way!

Maternity Sessions are one of my absolute favorites to photograph (2nd to Newborns).  Pregnancy, newborns, babies – all such fleeting moments in our lives that just beg to be captured.  This is why I was drawn to photography – to freeze a moment in time of some of God’s most wonderful gifts to us.  And this session was one of my favorite ones thus far in doing that!  This mommy-to-be was willing to let me just be creative & passionate about what I do.  And looking like this, she made my job of capturing her beauty easy.

Thank you for the opportunity & I can’t wait to meet this little girl when she’s born!

My Favorite People

This session was a little different for me … had a different feel to it. Most of my favorite people are in this one family! And I have to say that I’m particularly fond of the beautiful pregnant brunette … that would be because she’s my sister!

It was such a great time … it was family time, fun time, AND a session all rolled into one! I think the hardest thing was trying to hold Reed back from jumping into all the shots (good thing his daddy was there to help me!).

Well, I could go on for days about all the reasons I love this group of people … but I’ll let you gaze at their beautiful faces instead.

And for the record, when we finally get back to San Diego, I WILL be shooting on Shelter Island again! LOVE it!

The Full Service Me…

Lately, I’ve been really thinking about my photography business …
where do I want to go?
who do I want to be?
how do I set those goals for myself?

One of the things I’ve come to realize is that like anything in life, if you are working on everything; you master nothing.

It’s not easy to go from thinking about posing a bride one day to posing a high school senior the next. I feel that in order to really improve my skills, I need to focus & specialize. That led to the next question, what do I love to photograph?

I’ve had a few comments that my business card looks like I “only shoot babies & bellies”. I put a lot of thought into that and have come to the conclusion that while I enjoy ALL photography, I’m passionate about babies & bellies. I think that shows in my work. I’ve also decided (for now) that weddings are an extension of that because they lead to bellies & babies!!

That’s not to say that I won’t be doing Family & Kid sessions … because well, babies get older! But I think my marketing will really be more focused on Maternity & Newborn sessions. It’s what I started out wanting to capture – the beginnings of God’s beautiful gift! And to really feel like my work honors that, I need to get better at it.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to be a ‘Full Service Photographer’.
You want pictures, I’ll take them.
But if you know anyone that’s pregnant – send them my way!!
Practice makes perfect!
Photography is a continuous learning process – that’s why I LOVE it!

My Photo Card bug!

Before I did photos for hire, I took photos JUST so I could scrapbook! I have a closet FULL of scrapbooking paraphernalia! Some time soon a decision needs to be made, sell it on ebay, donate it, or have one last “scrapbooking all nighter”! But don’t worry, I haven’t given up on scrapbooking – I just do it digitally now! Every once in a while I crave sticky glue on my fingers but there’s so much you can do on the computer that I just haven’t picked up a fancy bladed scissor in forever. I still create full/double page layouts for albums but now I can print the pages out 12×12 and use the file as a template! … and I never have to run to Michael’s in search of the “perfect paper”.

Lately, I use photo flat cards for everything! I find that we send out tons more greetings throughout the year because I can create a card with one of my favorite photos on it! It’s a great way to share pictures with friends & family and say “thank you” or “we love you” all at the same time!

It’s SO much fun to create designs and layout for others (without cutting up their special photos!). And I have say, it’s just as addicting as scrapbooking! So, next time you need a thank you card, Valentine, party invitation, or just a note to say hello – send me an order! Anything can be designed and for a buck a card (with envelope) its a great way to personalize your greeting!

Here are some examples below but the possibilities are endless!

Email me to order (, $25 for 25 flat cards with envelopes