Photog Friday: The Power of Peekaboo!

Again, a day late … somehow Fridays seem to slip by me! Mostly, because I spend much of my week wondering “what’s today? Tuesday? wait, Thurday?!”

Anyway, since its the weekend, let’s talk about something fun for Photog Friday – Peekaboo!

Babies & kids of most ages love it! And with a little practice, you’ll get the timing down and capture some great smiles! If you’re at the park, trees work great for this. At home you can use a door, a shower door, a blanket – get creative!

All you have to do announce, “Let’s play a game!” with my older boy I have to make it more of a challenge. I tell him to hide behind the door (or whatever) and I’ll try to capture you with my picture. It’s more of a catch-me-if-you-can with him so I’ve learned to be quick. I take a shot before we start so I know where my settings need to be and then use the first couple of peekaboos to get my focus & composition down. Then it’s all a matter of shooting at the right moment and getting them to enjoy the game. Usually, big smiles from me are mimicked by them and if you aren’t getting any giggles – make sure to squeal like they scared you or slap your forehead a few times!

Here are some of my favorite Peekaboo shots, have fun with it!!


Serene at Treasure Island Beach, Laguna {OC Child Photographer}

When one of my favorite little subjects was coming to town, I was SO excited to hear I would fit into their busy schedule!!

Such a beautiful little girl on one of my favorite beaches has made for some of my all time favorite shots!

She quickly got over a little bit of nerves and enjoyed the water … all I had to do was sit on the beach … capturing the moments. I wish you could have heard the squeals of delight.  I LOVE my job!

Princess Natalie {OC Child Photographer}

A little while back I held a “Princess for a Day” contest. Adorable little Natalie was the winner! I’d like to thank all her friends & family for voting – I know her mom appreciated it too!  I spent a morning with Natalie that included balloons, a tea party, tiaras, tutus, and so much fun! We had a great morning and I really hope she felt like that special little princess that she is.

I enjoyed her “Princess Session” so much that I would gladly do it again … in fact, those sessions would make a great gift for any little princess!Email if you’d like to book one.

Chicka Boom Baby {OC Child Photographer}

If you’ve got a little girl, you HAVE to check out Chick Boom Baby’s stuff!

They even have little ties shirts for boys & tons of baby gear – all handmade & gorgeous.

Some of my favorite photography props are from this shop …

yummy hand dyed cheese cloth for wrapping up newborns & the fluffiest pettiskirts ever!

I’ll be using some of these items in the near future – so stay tuned!

You can find them on FACEBOOK or check out the shop on ETSY.

I had the pleasure of taking images for some of their newest items – LOVE them!

They’re all Princesses …

… but who will win the Princess session?! That’s up to YOU.

Comment on this blog post for your favorite princess to vote.

Also each “like” and comment on the Facebook page counts as a vote!

Voting ends May 7th.





See PROMOS page for more details.

If you’d like to book a Princess Session for YOUR princess, email me and mention you participated in the contest and get 10% you session!

Thanks for stopping by!

At the Ranch

This was a fun session with a great family. I don’t think these boys had ever been to this location, they seemed to really enjoy it. They were so cute just exploring and having the best time! I’m so glad I was able to squeeze this late minute session into my schedule for this trip!

Thanks to the Dumas Family for hanging out with me.

Look at Those Baby Blues

I 1st photographed this little cutie at his newborn session. I knew back then that I would fall in love with those big blue eyes! All babies are special to their parents but this little boy makes this family extra special. He’s a little stingy with his smiles but with a face like that you don’t need’em! I can’t wait to see him again in the Spring … on the beach!!

Big thanks to his family for always having so much faith in my work!

Photog Friday: When Wild Things Roam

Happy Friday!!

We’ve talked a little about this before, but I thought it was about time for a refresher on – capturing images of Wild Things! (aka toddlers, preschoolers, little guys, anyone yet to have permanent teeth … you get the idea). They can be not only tough but exhausting to capture! If you know one or have one (we’ll pray for you) then you know you have to have a “Plan” ahead of time, thinking your gonna just go out and get great shots of a Wild Thing on the fly is just silly – they’re too smart for thinly disguised motives. The more you want it, the less they cooperate … they can smell desperation from a mile. So, get down wind by having a plan!

Some tips?

1. Let Them Roam. Give the wild thing some space. Let them think they’re far enough away that you can’t catch them and ZOOM in! If they don’t see you, they tend to forget about your camera. I’m not suggesting you hide in a bush … but I’ve done it. I’m not ashamed. You can also get shots of them walking (who’s kidding, running) away from you. This will also capture their surroundings.








2. Ready Your Camera. Once you’re tired of shooting from far off, prepare your camera for tip #3 – action shots. Hopefully, you’re shooting in manual. If not, set your camera to Av mode and the lowest aperture you can. In manual you’ll want to be at the lowest ISO you can (100 for sun, 200 if cloudy or lots of shade). I like to shoot in the lowest f/stop available to me for a creamy background. Then set your shutter speed at least 1/250 but probably 1/400. If you want a “motion blur” to show how fast your Wild Thing is flailing, then you’ll want something slower then probably 1/80. If you’ve been practicing, you’ll have a good feel for where to start and tweak accordingly.






3. Lure Him Back In. Most Wild Things can’t help but partake in a good game of chase. Now that you’ve given him some room, taunt him back in with a squeal and fake sprint in the opposite direction. The Wild Things instinct will be to giggle and come after you. This will give you the opportunity to flip around and get a couple of shots of him running towards you. A few “ahhhhhh don’t catch me!” and fake runs from you and your Wild Thing may chase you all day.

Good Luck!

For more on shooting Wild Things you can read an older post HERE. And comment if you have any questions.