Mommy Monday: Where Does the Time Go?

One of the reasons I love doing Mommy Mondays is because it forces me to go through shots that I might have otherwise forgotten about. Every Monday I seem to find a shot that makes me smile. I usually remember TAKING the shot but life gets busy, I rarely get back to most after uploading them. This, my friends, is the reason I take so many photos of my boys – life slips by us so fast. Time is a thief, it robs us of memories, of details, of little nuances we might not have even noticed.

Capture the images.

Yesterday was the baby’s 6 month birthday and I found myself wondering where the time had gone. I sat rocking him extra long while watching his brother play. And then came the tears – my oldest is a boy now. No longer even a preschooler. And if I hadn’t been holding his baby brother, I might not have even stopped to think about how quickly he went from 6 months to 4-1/2. They say idle hands are the devil’s tools but a mommy’s forever busy hands seem to be the thief’s accomplice.

Gone is the baby face, the pudgy hands, and the fuzzy head.

He’s a boy now. I’m so thankful I used his gradually changing face to test my lights before my session that day … I’ll be even more thankful in the years to come. By then, I’ll have forgotten about the little details of the days when when he would only smile with a promise of a lollipop, when he would let me fix his hair for him, the days when he always had marker on his face.

Capture the images.


One thought on “Mommy Monday: Where Does the Time Go?

  1. Why do you have to make us cry today? I want to freeze time or at least have the memory my husband seems to have. I must ask Lex everyday “When did you get so big?” Having Kat just reminds me of him as a baby too. I image tthe day I have a grandchild the memories and moments will return again too. Such a special time we are in right now!

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