Photog Friday: Too Grainy?

Happy Friday!

If you’ve been practicing shooting in the house, you may have noticed there are rooms with horrible lighting or distracting backgrounds. In these shots below, the lighting was decent enough to turn off my flash but that meant I needed to up my ISO. And whenever you’re shooting in low light and have to raise your ISO, you might notice that the shots look “grainy”. So, now I find myself with grainy shots with a distracting background … what can you do?

Convert them to black & white my friends! Then add a little contrast and you’re done. A grainy shot that you didn’t like in color, now looks timeless.

The black & white also embraces the emotion.

Here are some shots of my beautiful little niece at 5 months old …

You can find more posts on indoor lighting HERE and HERE. And feel free to email/comment with any questions, I don’t have all the answers but I know people who do!

Thanks for stopping by!


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