Photog Friday: 5 Things to Avoid

When I first started using a DSLR, I knew very little about photography. There’s so much to learn. It was all so overwhelming. Today’s tips are some things I learned to avoid that improved my photography right away. I have TONS of shots I’d like to go back and improve, maybe someday I will. Maybe when my wild things are in school and I have nothing to do – “nothing to do” hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes!

Anyway, here are my Top 5 Things to avoid while shooting your Wild Things –

1. Avoid too much Background. Sometimes that background helps tell the story but most of the time it camouflages your Wild Thing. The tip here, if its not enhancing the story – cut it out! Get in closer and take a tighter shot.

2. Avoid Dark Spots. Stop and take a second to look for the light. You can raise your ISO but if it’s still dark, pull back the curtains, or get the Wild Thing outside.

3. Avoid the Pop-up Flash. That’s right, I said it – avoid the evil pop up flash. Honestly, you know you’re pretending that the red eye, 5 o’clock shadow, or deer in the headlight look is part of your Wild Things cuteness anyway. Turn if off, start using Manual mode, seek out the natural light but avoid the pop up!

4. Avoid Centering. Read up on the Rule of Thirds and composition. You’ll be glad you did! There’s an older post on it HERE.

5. Avoid Thinking You’ll Get the Shot the 1st Time. Wild Things are quick and unpredictable. Use your mom skills of manipulation (c’mon, you know you have them) to recreate the moment you missed. Praising the Wild Thing and insisting they show you again & again may just give you the chance you need to grab the shot.

… those are my Top 5. Don’t worry, they’ll be more – Stay Tuned!


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