Mommy Monday: Boy meets Octopus

My boy is fascinated with ocean life , in particular – squids, octopus, and jellyfish. So, when we went to the aquarium, it was no surprise we had to drag him away from the Octopus Garden after close to half an hour. And I have to admit the octopus in the tank that day was the biggest & most active I had ever seen!

Even though this shots are from 3 months ago, Reed retold me the entire story about how we watched the giant mollusk eat and swim around. We had so much fun that day … but anything he finds that interesting is automatically MY favorite part.



Serene at Treasure Island Beach, Laguna {OC Child Photographer}

When one of my favorite little subjects was coming to town, I was SO excited to hear I would fit into their busy schedule!!

Such a beautiful little girl on one of my favorite beaches has made for some of my all time favorite shots!

She quickly got over a little bit of nerves and enjoyed the water … all I had to do was sit on the beach … capturing the moments. I wish you could have heard the squeals of delight.  I LOVE my job!

Maternity Session at Shell Beach, La Jolla {La Jolla Maternity Photographer}

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Maternity sessions. It’s such a special time for a family. And since its just a “phase” of our lives, its my honor to capture some of those moments. For my family, the 1st pregnancy was 9 years in the making – so I understand how special the phase it really is.

I type this in all my 34 weeks of our 2nd pregnancy (swollen, can’t sleep, sweating ALL the time, hormonal) glory. I can’t help but think I only have precious few weeks left before my gift from God is exposed to the world. All my aches, whines, and preggies aliments will be washed away the exact moment I see that little face. The part that’s often forgotten is the process … capture those moments mommies! Not everyone is given the opportunity to capture this time. Fat, swollen, or exhausted – you and your family will cherish the pictures later. And although most most preggies don’t feel beautiful at the time, the pictures are precious glimpses of how beautifully blessed they really are from inside to out – literally! So document it, its one of the most important phases of your life – the process that CREATES a family.

I can’t say enough how I love shooting sessions for preggies!! And I was so excited about this particular Maternity session because it would be my first on the beach … love, love, LOVE outdoor Maternity Sessions! A huge thank you to this family for including me in such a special time!

Mommy Monday: Rubba Dub in the Tub

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you KNOW one of my favorite things to shoot – bath time! A few months back I got a new lens and whenever that happens, the first place I’ll use it is almost always during a Wild Thing bath! Who could resist really, when you have a Wild Thing that LOVES the water?! Added bonus: he can’t run away from the camera while in the tub!! And I love the light a bounced flash creates in the bathroom.

A beautiful little face that seems to have suddenly traded every ounce of “baby” for “little boy” … sparkling water drops, giggles, little boys in desperate need of a haircut, and smiling happy little face – these are the later forgotten details I love capturing.



Kowanetz Family at Scripps Park, La Jolla {San Diego Photographer}

Here’s another family you’ve seen a few times on my blog! I’ve done more than a couple of sessions for them and they just keep getting better!

And this was a special trip out for them because we did a Maternity Session too! Yay, congrats!! I’ll post those shots on another blog post soon. We got SO many great shots during this session – I was so excited for them to see their proofs!

I’d like to thank the Kowanetz family for coming out for pictures.  They’re such a nice family to work with and at one of my favorite locations – awesome!

Here are some of my favorites …