Chicka Boom Baby {OC Child Photographer}

If you’ve got a little girl, you HAVE to check out Chick Boom Baby’s stuff!

They even have little ties shirts for boys & tons of baby gear – all handmade & gorgeous.

Some of my favorite photography props are from this shop …

yummy hand dyed cheese cloth for wrapping up newborns & the fluffiest pettiskirts ever!

I’ll be using some of these items in the near future – so stay tuned!

You can find them on FACEBOOK or check out the shop on ETSY.

I had the pleasure of taking images for some of their newest items – LOVE them!


Mommy Monday: Father’s Day 2011

I’d like to dedicate this Mommy Monday post to Father’s Day.

Hope you have a great weekend & get to honor a dad in your life!

Some of my favorite family photos are Reed & his Daddy playing!  I love to document the fun, the giggles, and the wrestling that my 2 boys share.  And once they start playing, I get out-of-the-way!!  I’m always the one who ends up hurt!  But I don’t mind stepping back and just watching, it always makes me smile.  Reed has such a great daddy!  God hand-picked them for each other … daddy & his mini-me. And by this time next year, things will be a little more exciting.

I just love them both so much!

Here are some of my favorite “Daddy & Me” shots from 2010-2011 so far – enjoy!

Mommy Monday: The First Bike

Not too long ago, we decided to go to Toys R Us just to “look around”. We go there every once in a while, maybe pick up something small, maybe talk about birthday size toys, and do some practice putting toys back on the shelf with the boy. But I should have known as soon as Reed’s daddy said, “So, we’re gonna go look over here while you look at baby stuff” that daddy might of had other plans for this particular trip. As I dabbled in the world of double strollers I heard giggles, then I heard “Mommy! Look at me!”. So, I followed the voice to the corner of the store to find my son sitting on a bike – a big boy bike! Seconds later he was doing circles around the aisle so I pulled daddy over to the helmets. It has training wheels but let’s not get crazy. We laid down the “No helmet, No bike riding” law and it was official – Reed got his first bike.

For a boy that showed no signs of wanting a bike, he sure looks proud doesn’t he?


Photog Friday: Baby Bumps, Speed Bumps, and Bumps up Ahead

Those of you who know me, know all too well that I don’t slow down. I don’t give myself a break. Stopping to clean up the puke is not the same as stopping to smell the flowers. My ‘me time’ is when I get my business ‘To Do’ list done. I’m wired to go, go, go … I’ve got things to do, places to go, if I stop my feet might get stuck in the sand.

I’ve always been a list making, rule following, goal oriented kinda person. But until I discovered a love for photography, I never really had a “big dream”. I dream of being a sought out, fully booked calendar, photographer who needs an assistant with a husband trained to 2nd shoot.

I use all my spare time (like I know what “spare” time is, c’mooon). Reed being preschool age fits in that nicely. We run around town to make playdates for him which are good networking opportunities for me, we run errands in between, and then back home so I can get some work done. Some where in there, I manage to play with Reed & get him fed and maybe do some laundry.

Insert Child: Version 2 (here).  Since I didn’t start my business until after Reed’s 1st birthday, I never had to slow down my schedule to make time to figure out the mom thing. A new baby with a preschooler means I’ll need to slow down. What does that mean? I’m not sure, but I know physically I can’t do as many sessions this summer. The husband has forbade me (that’s right, forbade me) from picking up a summer wedding. I can use the slow down to re-create my website, restructure my pricing, and get lingering things on my checklist done. But I feel like if I’m not hustling, no business will come in.

Can I shoot a family session with a baby in the front carrier? Maybe I should start doing squats to build for that. Can I fit a session in while Reed is at school for 3 hours?  Take a breath, its just a curve in the road. You can do it, just slooow down. I wonder if I get a sling, if I can nurse and shoot a newborn at the same time. hmmm.

I can’t help but feel some anxiety. A looming feeling that if I stop, my dream will sink into the water just out of my reach. Being a mom is my priority, above all over things, even my dreams. They grow up too fast for anything to get in my way of being mommy. Capturing those fleeting moments is WHY I 1st picked up a camera anyway. I have to find a way to enjoy “maternity time”, breathe normally during my slow down, not worry about all the things I could be doing while I’m adjusting to a bigger family. Breathe. It’s just a speed bump, a curve in the road. Breathe.

And in my heart, I have a suspicion … seeing the new baby’s face for the 1st time will wipe all my anxiety away. Thank you Lord for that.