Photog Friday: the Indoor Wild Thing

Here are some helpful tips for shooting your indoor Wild Thing:

1.  Find the light. Open the blinds, curtains, or open some doors.

2.  Bring the toys to the light.  Sometimes it is at the front door, or on the bed with the lamp on or curtains pulled back.

3.  Clean up any background clutter.  Pick the angle you’ll be shooting from and look for anything distracting in the background.

4. Make it fun! Invite them over to the toys and get down to their level ready to be a silly kid. Here’s a tip: Ask them for a “high five” and then smack yourself on the forehead, guaranteed giggles!

5.  Use the light. You’ll want it 45 degrees from the camera position for great light.

6.  Creep in on the wild thing. Fill your frame with the little beastie, a loose crop will cause other elements to distract the eye. I love my 50mm 1.4 lens because I can sit fairly close to stay involved in the play, fill the frame, and its quick for catching indoor wild things.

You can also find more tips on shooting Wild Things HERE and HERE.

Good Luck and Happy Shooting!


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