Photog Friday: the Indoor Wild Thing

Here are some helpful tips for shooting your indoor Wild Thing:

1.  Find the light. Open the blinds, curtains, or open some doors.

2.  Bring the toys to the light.  Sometimes it is at the front door, or on the bed with the lamp on or curtains pulled back.

3.  Clean up any background clutter.  Pick the angle you’ll be shooting from and look for anything distracting in the background.

4. Make it fun! Invite them over to the toys and get down to their level ready to be a silly kid. Here’s a tip: Ask them for a “high five” and then smack yourself on the forehead, guaranteed giggles!

5.  Use the light. You’ll want it 45 degrees from the camera position for great light.

6.  Creep in on the wild thing. Fill your frame with the little beastie, a loose crop will cause other elements to distract the eye. I love my 50mm 1.4 lens because I can sit fairly close to stay involved in the play, fill the frame, and its quick for catching indoor wild things.

You can also find more tips on shooting Wild Things HERE and HERE.

Good Luck and Happy Shooting!


Rhett at Montage Laguna Beach {OC Photographer}

This is a face you might recognize. That would be because I’ve been photographing him since he was 7 days old. I love watching my little clients grow up! Last time I saw this cutie he wasn’t walking quite yet … now he’s at full speed!

It was a beautiful day at the beach below the Montage Resort, perfect for shooting such a handsome little man. I’d like to thank his mommy for bringing him out from the desert … it was so much fun to watch his reaction to the ocean waves!

Mommy Monday: The 1st shots of Thing 1 & Thing 2

So, most of you already know but in case you didn’t, we’re expecting a new Wild Thing to arrive in late September. YAY! Reed will be a big brother … we can’t wait! Weeell.. the sleepless nights, changing diapers, and starting all over with potty training part we’d rather put off but its all so worth it!

It’s been a looong 12 year stage of “waiting for baby” for us. In four short months that stage will be all over. We can finally move on. I can’t even finish typing this post without tears … WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY?!

Reed was our answer to many many years of prayers – our redeemer baby, more than anything we had asked for, and the best thing we’ve ever done … and here we are totally undeserving of yet another blessing!

… and the best part is – Reed is just as excited as we are.

V’s Barbershop {San Diego & OC Photographer}

I was so excited at the opportunity of shooting for V’s Barbershop! Their locations are BEAUTIFUL! If you’re not familiar with V’s you are missing out … real barber chairs, old fashioned hot lather & straight razor shaves, head & neck massage, traditional & short hair cuts, contemporary men’s haircut styles … V’s brings the nostalgia of yesteryear with a modern twist.

Reed & I spent the day there shooting, he got his 1st real haircut! And a few of his cousins stopped by for a haircuts too (pictured below). I was so excited to see one of my pictures published … you can check that out HERE.

There are a few locations in San Diego as well as OC so go check them out!

Don’t forget FATHER’S DAY is coming up – V’s gift certificate?!

To view the slide show on with more shots of the locations, click HERE.

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Beautiful Avery {San Diego Newborn Photographer}

There’s nothing I love to shoot more than a peaceful 4 day old baby. Little Avery may not have slept at all during her session, nor was she willing to be posed, but I’ve found over the last couple of years that it doesn’t matter. Her beauty will be captured regardless. So what if I spend a little extra time waiting for shots that would look like she was sleeping peacefully, that just means I get to spend more time just being with her.

Being gorgeous & maybe just a little head strong may run in the family … check out the last picture of a big sister that wanted NOTHING to do with sitting with the family’s newest addition!

Mommy Monday: Fishing off the Pier at Dana Harbor

Daddy’s days off are few and far between lately … but if you ask Reed & Daddy what they want to do for that day off, they’ll always say “FISHING!”. Reed loves to pick out the lures for Daddy to put on his hook. And I love the way he’s so chatty with all the other fishermen, “what you caught? oh, a mackerel. Good job catching that mackerel. How you caught that mackerel?“.

But once his line is in the water, there’s not much time before you start to hear “why we haven’t caught anything yet? That boy over there caught something … daddy, are you trying?“.

So, if you ever fish with Reed, you better bring your A-game.

Tajha at Laguna Niguel Regional Park {OC Photographer}

Senior sessions are so much fun! Everyone is excited about graduation & colleges, it all makes for a session full of energy!

Tajha had come down to San Diego to visit family & check out a few colleges so I was honored to be asked to do some portraits for her while she was in town. It was nice to get to spend some time with her before she spreads her wings.

She’s become such a beautiful young lady – her parents are right to be proud!

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