Mommy Monday: Fishing off the Dock of the Bay

This weekend the Daddys planned a fishing trip for the boys that involved ghost shrimp, a catamaran, and a little bit of rain. The boys had a BLAST! We girls waited for some of the rain to pass by and then headed out to the boat to join them.

It was an awesome day!

They caught several perch and a jack smelt. There were fish scales & smiles everywhere you looked!


Photog Friday: Poll!

On the Paradise Point Resort

It had been a long time since I had a shoot at the Paradise Point Resort. We stayed there last year so I was so excited when this family agreed to let me pick the location – I had some spots in mind already! I had only used the beach there, so it was nice to use some of the beautiful spots within the resort. We had so much fun playing with the boys and it turned out to be a beautiful morning!















Mommy Monday: The Boy on Balboa Island

We love to go to Balboa Island. It’s just up the coast (which is a BEAUTIFUL scenic drive from here) and we spend most of the day there just hanging out as a family. We walk around, take the ferry across to the island, walk some more, play on the beach, we eat lots of saltwater taffy, and usually end the day around sunset on the pier. We’re planning a trip to go fishing off the pier soon, Reed can’t wait!

Its always fun day … and we’re spending it together. I love family time.

Photog Friday: Tagging your Wild Thing in Abode’s Lightroom

One of the worse things in the world is to wake up in the middle of the night and remember a family outing where you took tons of pictures of but never had time to look at the shots … “there were a few I was kinda excited about … is it too late to post Christmas pictures? … I wonder where those shots are saved”. It will haunt you!

Well, dig through files & folders no more! One of the reasons I started using Lightroom was its keyword tagging feature. Every time I upload a card, I can tag the shots with whatever details I will need to find that set of shots later. I typically use the Month/year, location, name of anyone in most of the shots, and any other detail that might help me find the set of shots later. So, like this: Dec 2010, Balboa Island, Reed, Christmas lights. Because let’s be honest, Christmas time is crazy – its February and I’m just now wondering what shots I got on that trip we took to see the Christmas lights … phew! I tagged them and can find them now without cussing.  It may be too late to post them (or too embarrassing – its almost March) BUT I can at least process them and save JPG memories to be flipped through next year.

Here’s a snapshot of what Lightroom’s tags look like:

I’ve seen I can tag my JPG shots in Windows as well … someday I get to that.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions! And please don’t forget to comment …

Jasmine Star: Free Workshop!

For any of you like me that are struggling to get into wedding photography, I have a DEAL for YOU! Jasmine Starr is offering FREE Workshop: Building your Wedding Photography Business with Jasmine Star!!

I love Jasmine Starr’s Wedding Photography … and her blog … and her website … AND she does workshops on CreativeLIVE! Awesome! I just registered for the April workshop if you’re quick about it, you can still get in FREE! Here’s the link:

I’m really excited about this workshop and hope to gain some valuable tips on growing my wedding business. Check it out! And if you plan on registering, let me know so we can go over some of the things we learned afterward.

Happy Wednesday!!

Mommy Monday: the Cutest Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For today’s post I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots of my cutest Valentine.

Some of the greatest things happen when two people fall in love … this little boy is proof of that ♥

Valentine's Day 2009

Valentine's 2010

Valentine's 2010

Valentine's 2010

Valentine's 2011

Valentine's 2011

Valentine's 2011

Freebies from Lettering Delights!

One of my favorite places on the net to get fonts and clip art is Lettering Delights! They have great stuff for making scrapbook pages, photo cards, and invitations. I could spend HOURS looking through all their cute stuff!! There are fonts, alphabets, digital scrapbook paper, graphics, and clip art at great prices… and you’ll LOVE their sale prices! Best of all sighing up is free & you get TONS of freebies for creating an account and even more for getting their newsletter. And 25% off with coupon code: WTY4YLDP2D3

Here’s the link to check it out!

Free Product

Absolutely adorable stuff for making you own Valentine’s cards. So, click above and see what you can’t live without!

I love creating cards with their fonts and graphics!

Mommy Monday: A boy, a beach, and some birds

These are just some shots from a family outing that I thought I’d share. One of our new favorite places to explore is Balboa Island. Chasing Reed on the beach. Collecting shells. Watching Reed chase some birds. Then out to the end of the pier for milkshakes & french fries – perfect! I ♥ Family Days.



Loving Lydia {OC Newborn Photographer}

This little one is special to me because she belongs to a good friend of mine. I was so excited to be able to take these for her. Reed got to play with his friends that he missed terribly while I spent time with the newest arrival. It was a great morning!

No better way to thank God for such a special gift then to show the world how beautiful His gifts really are!

Its my honor to introduce you to Lydia –