Beautiful Sarah {OC Senior Photographer}

Sarah is a perfect example of how time flies!! I remember when she was born and now here she is … all grown up, a senior in high school, and absolutely beautiful! Working with seniors is a change of pace for me. I really enjoyed this session (its kinda nice to have a subject that can follow a little bit of direction). I’m honored to be included in such an important time in her life.

Thank you Sarah (and her parents!).


Sugar & Spice & Everything that’s Perfect! {San Diego Newborn Photographer}

Well, I could go on for days about how precious this newborn is.

And it would just be a matter of seconds before you’d realize how special she is to me  … so I’m going to fess up, tell you I love her, and let you see why …

… introducing, my niece Audrey Ray.



(and stay tuned til Wednesday 11/24 because I will be out of town the rest of this week until then … thanks for stopping by!)

Boy Meets Disneyland

One of the things we really looked forward to doing once we moved back to California was taking Reed to Disneyland! Growing up in So Cal, we used to go there a lot (mostly because it was a LOT cheaper back then!) but I wanted to see it through Reed’s eyes. For the 1st 15 minutes we were inside the park, I was weepy & giddy all at the same time. I don’t remember Disneyland EVER being so exciting. It was so much fun to see his reaction to things, to hear about his favorite parts, and to know what to avoid the next time!

It was interesting to see that the things we though might scare him (Pirates of the Caribbean), where actually so over his head the they didn’t matter … and the things we thought he’d really enjoy (Jungle Boat Cruise), actually caused him a few nightmares because it was TOO real from a 3 year old’s perspective!

This 1st month since we got passes we’ve been 4 times … and I love that he asks to go back when we ask “What do YOU want to do today?” … May you some day enjoy a trip to Disneyland as much as I did on this day!!

Steering Donald Duck's Ship

Hanging in Toon Town

Wishing Tom Sawyer's Island was open that day.

His 1st roller coaster ride! Held his breath the WHOLE ride!

Talking to the Happiest Goats on Earth

Not so sure Pirates was a good idea once we entered the building.

Happiest Kid in the Park

View of the Ferris Wheel in CA Adventure

Happy Dance!

Baby Dylan {San Diego Newborn Photographer}

This session was beyond exciting for me … not only a newborn but my 1st session back in California!

I decided to try a new shot and this was a great opportunity for it! You see, baby Dylan is brother #3 so his mom was much more comfortable with me wanting to put him in a “hammock” and hang him from a branch. But don’t worry – not only was there a bean bag under him, but mom never left his side! This shot would have been a 1st time mom’s nightmare but Dylan’s mom was a good sport. (Thanks Julia!!)

We had a great shoot and I was so thankful to be able to spend some time with such a special little guy! I saw him again a couple weeks ago and holy moly it always amazes me how fast they grow!! I’m so glad we were able to capture some of his moments while he was still just 6 days old.

Photog Friday: Shutter Speed

Happy Friday!!

We’ve covered the exposure triangle (click HERE for the post) so now I want to build on that a little for you. To review, the three main areas that you can adjust are ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. Let’s talk about Shutter speed and what you can/should do when shooting your Wild Thing.

Shutter speed is basically the amount of time the shutter is open while taking your shot.

Points to remember!

  • Shutter speed is measured in seconds – Fractions! You pretended to like them in high school, here’s a real world example of why you should have paid attention. Shutter speed is measured in fractions of seconds. The bigger the denominator the faster the speed (ie 1/1000 is faster than 1/30). As I’ve said before, Wild Things are quick so you’ll want to stay around 1/250 to freeze the action. If you get in a situation (like in the house) where you’re shooting around 1/60 or slower, you’ll get a blurry shot – remember when we talked about camera shake?!

  • Shutter speed adjustments will effect exposure. Don’t forget the 3 elements are related. So, a change your shutter speed will mean you’ll need to adjust the aperture. Wanna get technical? Here – increasing shutter speed by one stop and decreasing aperture by one stop should give you similar exposure levels.


  • Wild Things stay in motion. Decide how you want to capture that motion (yes, you have options!). If your Wild Thing is in motion in your scene you have the choice of either freezing the movement (so it looks still, 1/125 or faster) or letting the moving object intentionally blur (giving it a sense of movement, 1/60 or slower). There are times when motion is good. For example, when you’re taking a photo of a Wild Thing on a swing (see last shot below) and want to show how fast the swing is going, or when you’re taking a shot of a Wild Thing racing away (like in the 2nd to last shot) and want to give it a feeling of speed. In these cases, choosing a longer shutter speed will be the way to go. But don’t get too slow or your Wild Thing will end up blurry in the shot too!
  • Faster shutter speeds stop the water in motion.
    Freeze the action
    Create some motion with a slower shutter speed.

    This is "panning" when you follow the subject in motion.

    A good way to practice is to use Av (aperture priority) and watch how your camera adjust to different situations. Then play with that in Manual – that’s right, I’m going to say it again – PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!
    Comment with any questions or input!! I love comments :)

    A Special Gift

    I have to say that I never get tired of capturing a tiny newborn in photographs. Each session is different and I’ve yet to have much go “as planned” but that’s part of the challenge for me. It takes lots of time, lots of patience, and lots of clean cloth diapers for each session! Each baby is a special gift from God and I can’t say it enough, every mother should have pictures taken during the newborn stage – its gone before you realize it. I don’t miss the lack of sleep and I wouldn’t trade my sassy 3 year old for anything but looking through newborn shots always brings on tears.

    This special gift is Kaden.

    Mommy Monday: Happy Halloween!

    Hope you all had a safe & fun Halloween!!

    We had a loooong day … Disneyland in the morning then ran home so Reed could still trick or treat! Talk about exhausted. But it was worth hearing him say “thank you! trick or treat!” like it was all 1 word and then talk about the candy he got until the next house.

    I’ll post some Disneyland pictures next week, but here are the shots of the cutest little land shark you’ll EVER see!