Cutie Cousins

ok, so I was going to postpone today’s post until next week and then I decided these 2 are just too cute to wait! Some faces just deserved to be photographed. I photographed both of these 2 as newborns, its wonderful to watch them grow up! And you’ll be seeing more of them in the near future – YAY!  They’ll be the wedding I’m shooting this weekend. I can’t wait!

So, here they are – Rhett & Dani.

I’ll be out of town for the wedding, but I’ll be posting again Monday Nov 1st… thanks for stopping by!


Mommy Monday: Pumpkin Patch

Last week, Reed & I went to a nearby Pumpkin Patch with our new Mommy & Me group. We had a great time! Reed had never been to a pumpkin patch that had carnival like rides, boy was he excited! There was no trying to convince him to wait until we came back with daddy – he wanted to try everything!

But the one the surprised me the most was that he wanted to try the BIG slide. I mean BIG! After making him watch 5 kids slide down, he still wanted to give it a try. With butterflies in MY stomach, I sent him on his way. I didn’t want to hold him back but I cried when he got inside the gate after waiting in line and handing the attendant his tickets – all by himself! Who was this brave “big boy” marching off to slide down a slide that was giving me sweaty palms?! And he just amazed me when he got to the bottom, told me it was scary, and then turned around and went back up a 2nd time! It must have been the climb up that he was after because it took the attendant about 5 minutes to convince him that sliding was the only way to get down. He decided 2 times was enough and declined his 3rd turn, he wanted to try the swings instead he told me.

I just LOVE this kid!

Photog Friday: Rule of Thirds

Happy Friday!!
This week I want to talk a little about the Rule of Thirds. Its definitely something that has helped my photography. I used to use the rule in editing when I cropped my shots, but remember – when you crop down, you’re losing resolution on your shot! So, think about the Rule of Thirds while you’re shooting and save yourself some resolution in the end!

What is the Rule of Thirds?

Basically, the principle behind the rule of thirds is to imagine breaking up what your seeing into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you end up with 9 parts.


You can do this in your head as your taking the shot. The intersections on the grid is where you will what to put your points of interest. These are the focus points and where our eyes are drawn to in an image. Anything you put at these points will be emphasized.

The lines that break up the image are important too. These lines will be what you use to position the elements in your shot.

In theory, if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines, your photo becomes more balanced and will be more pleasing to the viewer. You may be tempted to center your subject but studies have shown that since people’s eyes usually go to one of the intersection points most naturally instead of the center.

Here’s how you can use the Rule of Thirds … eyes are a great place for the point of focus, here are some of examples:

Below, I’ve put the subject along the vertical line. This makes him waaay off center and that creates a point of interest on the opposite side of the image (the bird he’s trying to sneak up on). Vertical lines are great points for people, buildings, trees. Horizontal lines work great for horizons &  landscapes.

Here’s landscape shot, position horizons along one of the horizontal lines to help balance the shot.

For some the Rule of Thirds is natural but for everyone else it takes a little time and practice for it to become second nature. While you’re practicing :thinking in the rule”, you’ll want to ask yourself:

  • What are the points of interest in this shot?
  • Where am I intentionally placing them?

And you won’t always be able to take the shot according to the rule and that’s OK!! Just keep it in mind in processing. If you’ve never used that rule before, you should go back to some old shots and apply it – you’ll like your shot much better!

Such a Sweet Face

Some of you may remember this little face.  I photographed him around Easter for his 6 month birthday. Well, they grow up SO fast … he was back for his 9 month shots just before I left Arizona.  Poor little guy was sick but was still a trooper & played along!!

I’m going to miss this sweet little face … such great family, hope they come out to the beach for his 1 year pictures!! (what?! I can hope.)

Mommy Monday: Air Show 2010

The under belly of a plane

Last weekend we took Reed & his cousin Luke to the Air Show, it was a first for him. He’s still talking about how loud the jet air planes were (… mostly because we forgot his ear protection! I couldn’t believe it – Rand & I had a discussion the night before about how important it was for him to wear ear protection since he only has ONE ear! NUTS!). But Reed was really good about covering his ear when he needed to and it didn’t seem to take away from the fun for him.

We had fun … so much fun that Reed woke daddy up at 2am the other night to tell him all about the loud planes, cousin Luke & Uncle Steve, and the Blue Angels. It was a looong story, I fell back to sleep before it was over.

Blue Angel

"Look at me Mommy!"

In a Helicopter

In an old Russian plane

...still in the plane. He knew I couldn't go in after him so he was in there for a while.

Blue Angels coming!!

Ear safety first!

Angels All Around Us

A while back I came across some silhouette images I really wanted to try. After a lot of research I was ready to get it a try, so I borrowed a couple of my favorite little “models”. And I just love how these shots turned out – so simple, so sweet! Every little girl should wear a tutu and put on some angel wings every once in a while. It helps remind the rest of us that above all other things, Love One Another.

I’d like to thank Kylie & Serene for posing for me … and for just being beautiful. I love you!




Mommy Monday: Exploring the Harbor Vista

Happy Monday!

Last week we went over to the vista area that overlooks the Harbor. We’re still checking places out to find a spot for whale sightings. We got there at sunset so we didn’t see much but Reed learned a little about nocturnal animals as the rabbits started coming out to feed! We’ll come back another time and hopefully see some whales!

These were all taken with the 50mm, ISO 200, f/1.4, 1/125-200sec (slower as it got dark). Please email me with any questions … and COMMENTS please! :)

Photog Friday: Wild Things BEHIND the Camera

Happy Belated Friday!! Since its Saturday, hope you had a great day yesterday. I let the day get away from me by watching Reed play on the beach all afternoon – but better late then never!

One of the things I pondered while on the sand was about how Reed enjoys bringing his camera along on an outing – why haven’t we been doing much of that lately? I need to get back in the habit of charging his camera & having it ready to go. Since that was on my brain, I decided to post some tips on how to get your Wild Thing behind the camera every once in a while.


Keep it Cheap. To prevent heartache (yours AND theirs), I’ve found the one the best cameras for Reed was my hand-me-down. Rather than seeking out a “kids camera”, keep things cheap and pass down one you aren’t using anymore. It will save you the heartache of witnessing them destroy a brand new camera (in only a matter of days) and the quality of your old camera is probably better than the quality you’ll find in a “kids camera”. Sure, my old camera isn’t as durable and juice-proof but its good for a Wild Thing to learn to respect the equipment rather than treat it like a toy anyway.

Stick to the Basics. Give them some simple instructions and don’t expect they’ll have it all down the 1st trip out. Teach them how to be still for a second,  how to aim at what they want to capture, focus, and listen for the shutter ‘click’. I found that I was telling Reed “no, don’t take that” and I had to quickly learn to stop stifling HIS shot. Maybe he meant to take a shot of that rock, just because I won’t doesn’t mean he shouldn’t.

Get Them Out Often. Even if its just out in the backyard, Wild Things like to see their own work. Make it a game … photo scavenger hunt for shapes or colors! Look up any wildlife or plants on the computer that they photographed. Teach them to appreciate their surroundings!! I know I sure didn’t appreciate the beautiful blues of the sky until I started photographing them (yes, them. There are SEVERAL different shades of blue the sky takes on from day to day or hour to hour … if you haven’t noticed, get your camera out more often!!)

You’ll be surprised what’s important to your Wild Thing once they can capture it in a photograph. Print and hang up some of their work, put it in an album, and journal any stories they have about the shot … you’ll be giving them little pieces of their childhood they can literally take with them.

Check out a previous post HERE for some of Reed’s work :)