Monday Monday: My Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little boy!!I’m so blessed to be his mommy.

I expected to be emotional today but I think there may be some little switch in the brain of a 2 year old that tells them “I’m 3 now – LOOK OUT!” Its been quite a day of time-outs, negotiations, and mommy calling out for “daddy back up in here!”  So, there will be no mushy “my beautiful baby was born on this day…” because, well, I don’t have enough left in me after chasing him on the beach this morning because he insisted on running down the beach away from us, scrubbing the bathroom walls because he “put out a fire on the door” while going potty, and finding him out on our balcony when he should have been napping. I may long for the days of terrible twos if this is how a three year old acts!

But as promised, here are some shots of my favorite toddler running on the beach near his new home. Even after the looong day I’ve had, these still make me smile. Enjoy!


Monday, Monday, Monday

Hi! and thanks for checking in. We’re getting all settled in our new home and just LOVE it! The area is AWESOME and the start of a new chapter in our lives is JUST what we needed.

I made a promise that if moving back to CA actually happened, then I would declare it was a GOD THING to everyone! Aside from praying about it, there was NO way anything we could do would pull that all together. We gave it up to God and just made ourselves willing (boy & HOW willing!) … and just let it all happen. And it did, all in about a month! We are thankful that our stint in the desert was 9 years instead of 40!

So, here we are, blessed to be so close to family (and the beach!). Now that things are calming down, I’ve been able to start getting caught up on editing the 6 sessions I did the week we moved (I’m CRAZY, I know!). Talk about bottleneck – big THANK YOU to all my clients that are still patiently waiting to see there precious babies captured by my camera!

And starting this Monday, I’m back to blogging! Labor Day Monday will be ALL about Reed and “Reed’s new house” … Monday is his birthday and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it with you then through pictures of a smiling little boy on the beach! I’ll be back on the same schedule with Mommy Mondays, Session recaps on Wednesdays, and Photog Fridays!

So, come back on Monday and share in so of the fun we’ve had in our new surroundings!