Photog Friday: It’s All in the Eyes

Happy Photog Friday!!

I’ve gotten a lot of requests asking for help on editing eyes. So, here are the basics on how I edit eyes in Lightroom. Please don’t forget – there’s more than 1 way to skin a cat! And these steps may not look right on every shot, so edit to YOUR taste. Make some tweaks, make it yours. You’ll also need to practice using the Lightroom tools to make these changes. It’s really easy to make the eyes “POP” but be careful because too much editing can make your little ones eyes turn alien!

Here are the BEFORE & AFTER shots:

The BEFORE is a screen shot taken after other changes to contrast & colors were already made. I usually do the edits on the eyes last so Lightroom doesn’t make any additional changes to them.

Just making those adjustments to the overall shot makes usually the eyes look better with the increase contrast anyway.

So, to start Click on the adjustment brush (looks like a match with a halo) just under the histogram. Under “Mask” you’ll see all the effects, I start with “Clarity” set it all the way to 100 and brush the eyelashes and irises. Leaving your cursor over the little black dot on the adjustment will let you see where the adjustments are being made (highlights them in red).

Next, I use a preset that I named “Eyes” created to bring out the iris. You can see those settings below. But adjust them to your liking. You can decide to increase exposure instead of brightness but it seems to be working for me this way.

Finally, I use a preset I create for teeth but I’ve found it works great for whiten up the eyes and bringing out more reflection in the eyes.

And that’s about it!! Doesn’t take long and makes a HUGE difference! Here’s the end result one more time but feel free to comment with any questions!! But really its all like using your camera: Practice, Practice, Practice!


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