Mommy Monday: Prime & my boy

It’s Mommy Monday!!

To know Reed is to know he loves Transformers. He often introduces himself as “Megatron” (and adds a “your powers are useless on me”) … I’m thinking he needs more social time with kids his age.

But anyways, it came to no surprise to us that he picked out a Transformer pinata for his birthday. So, we took home Optimus Prime because who else is Megatron going to fight, duh!

A couple of days before his birthday we had to have the discussion about what a pinata was because Reed had been spending time in the laundry room to chat with his new buddy.  I explained, “this Prime is a pinata and we’re going to hit it until candy falls out”. When Reed’s response was, “well mommy, maybe if we ask nicely, Prime will just give us the candy”.


But I put my money on Reed’s love for candy being stronger than his love for Prime and I asked him to help me fill the pinata … that worked! He was the 1st in line to smack that thing open!! … phew!


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