Pulling up Stake

HEY! Klicken Photography is moving to California!

I’d like to thank those of you checking in and apologize because you may have noticed I haven’t been posting this week – we’re moving!
I’m a little overwhelmed with packing & planning our move back to California. But I have to say I’M SO EXCITED for what the move will have in store for my photography!! We’ll be moving to the beach and I’m REALLY looking forward to getting my name out & getting some beach sessions for the upcoming Family Portrait season!

I have some sessions with some of my favorite babies before we leave so I’ll have plenty to share once we get set up on the other side!
Thanks for all your support and I’ll be posting soon, don’t worry! I’ll also probably be ready to start booking appointments in late September … stay tuned!


Photog Friday: In the Beginning …

I’ve gotten a LOT of questions about my studio & its lighting.  Which, if some of you didn’t already know, is my studio is my living room.  I am by NO means a lighting expert! But I can share what I tried and what seemingly works for me.

When I started shopping for lighting, like any of my other gear, I went straight to ebay to check prices & kit set ups.  I found a kit that was reasonable: 2 backdrop stands, cross bar (to hold backdrop), 2 muslin backdrops (white & black), 2 light stands with light holders, 2 CFL 35watt studio bulbs, 2 shoot white shoot through umbrellas and a storage bag … all for $160 (free shipping).

I was so excited thinking it was all I would EVER need! But after setting it all up I found myself shopping for brighter bulbs. I couldn’t get the “look” I was after with the bulbs that came with the kit.

After LOTS of research (mostly on The Strobist’s website), I decided to use a speedlight set up instead of the bulbs. So, I saved up all my pennies and got a Canon 580ex ($450) from Dell and some “ebay triggers” ($40) from Hong Kong.  I got a Westcott 28″ Softbox ($140) for my birthday that year and after a generous donation of a second slave flash & 2nd ebay trigger, LumPro LP120 ($149), I was all set! … well, I’ve added a few bed sheets to my kit but that’s about it.

So, those are the pieces of gear I use.  How to make those work is up to you!! It was a LOT of trial & error and I still play with my settings depending on what I’m doing but here’s how I set those pieces up:

  • Backdrop with muslin (or white/black sheet), bed sheets on ground
  • 580ex flash in the softbox for my main light (triggered with ebay receiver) to camera right
  • slave flash in shoot through umbrella for fill (triggered with ebay receiver) to camera left
  • Ebay trigger on my camera
  • sometimes I use those original bulbs for hair light from back by the backdrop stand … sometimes I just use window light for that (depends on the time of day/sky outside)

And that’s about it! I pack this set up to shoot Newborns in their homes. I use it to shoot everything from families, silhouettes, and preggies with this same set up.  There’s no special “recipe” on how to make it work – depends on the look you’re going for and the amount of practice you’re willing to put into it.

But here are some of my 1st practice shots & some of my lastest work with this same set up … so there’s hope for you too!

1 of the 1st shots with bulbs & kit

Bulbs & kit

Bulbs & kit

1st practice shots with Flash in Softbox

1st session with 2nd flash added to kit

2 flash set up (which is what I still use)

Recent Maternity session with this set up

So, you can see even with the same set up – practice, practice, practice is really what has made a difference!

Email me if you have any questions!! I’m always glad to help … and thanks for stopping by!

Beauty, Thy Name is Woman – OC & San Diego Maternity Photographer

While God may have sentenced us to a difficult childbirth, He also graced us with a beautiful form leading up to it.  Every woman is a beauty while pregnant, even though at the time it sure doesn’t feel that way!

Maternity Sessions are one of my absolute favorites to photograph (2nd to Newborns).  Pregnancy, newborns, babies – all such fleeting moments in our lives that just beg to be captured.  This is why I was drawn to photography – to freeze a moment in time of some of God’s most wonderful gifts to us.  And this session was one of my favorite ones thus far in doing that!  This mommy-to-be was willing to let me just be creative & passionate about what I do.  And looking like this, she made my job of capturing her beauty easy.

Thank you for the opportunity & I can’t wait to meet this little girl when she’s born!

Mommy Monday: My Mommy Lens

Some of you many have noticed I mention using a 50mm a lot.  Well, that lens LIVES on my camera.  I’ve found its my favorite lens for capturing my Wild Thing.  It’s low aperture allows me to shoot a faster shutter speed in lower light.  Remember, you need to be quick to capture a Wild Thing without blur, especially in the house.

My 1st 50mm was a f/1.8, I think all mommies should start there.  It will only set you back $90 … and since it’s a prime lens, it will make you think about your composition a little more because you will physically need to move in order to ‘zoom’.  I’ve since moved up to a 50mm f/1.4 and love it more!!

I picked some shots to honor Reed’s upcoming birthday to show you some before the 50mm, the 1.8, and the 1.4. I love love love the creamy backgrounds this lens creates. Its sharp, its quick, and its perfect for Wild Things!

… and look at this little boy grow up so fast – where does time go?!

Reed at 1year. 24-135mm lens

Reed at 2years. 50mm 1.8

Reed at almost 3yrs. 50mm 1.4