In Loving Memory

I don’t know what to say other than this was a good man & he will be missed terribly. Thank you Lord that we were able to capture these loving moments just a couple of months ago … and thank you that we were able to learn so much from him while he was here.
Hug your loved ones.

The best part of Spring …

I think one of my favorite things about spring is BABIES! Spring is so full of new life! Flowers, bunnies, babies – love love love it!

It was a pleasure to photograph this little cutie again. She’s already SO much bigger then when I saw her in January!

Even though I can’t wait to shoot her when she’s just starting to walk, I told her parents not to wish away a single moment!!

Next thing you know, they are sassing, potty training, and pretending to shoot you with a laser when you say “No more candy!” … it all happens so fast! Enjoy every precious moment with your little ones! (and bring them to me every couple of months so we can capture it all!!)

And now, here’s more of little Danica …

(By the way, I made this little bonnet she’s wearing so if you need shots in a special flower or color for your sweet baby – just ask! I may just make one for you!)

Look Mommy! Take’um Pictures

No one has ever seen me move as fast as I did when I heard Reed say “Look Mommy, take’um pictsher!” … I just about knocked Randy down to get my camera! You see, I’m what Reed refers to as the ‘Mommarazzi‘ – he avoids looking at the camera at ALL costs! To hear him ASK for me to take his picture was a 1st … it was better then hearing “free cheeseburgers!”.

It may never happen again, so I took advantage of it! I didn’t even get my settings completely dialed in before he told me to stop – but hey, beggars cant be choosers!
This collage is my 1st attempt at using a storyboard template. I downloaded some templates after getting my hands on an older version of PS Elements. This one isn’t perfect but I’ll get the hang of it because boy, do these make life easier! Expect to see plenty more!

I haven’t blogged as much as I’d like to lately. But don’t worry! I have lots on my list of topics to get caught up on … so stay tuned! I have 2 giveaways in the works, some CUTE shots of an Easter session to post, and some tips for Mom’s with SLRs. There’s also another workshop scheduled for 3/31, email me for details or check out the Klicken Photography Facebook page!

Thanks for stopping by!

Erika’s Senior Session

Last week I had the honor on meeting & shooting Erika. She’ll be graduating in May so we wanted to make sure to get some extra special shots.

I think she may have learned that modeling wasn’t as easy as it looks! But she did a great job & we had a fun session. The location was beautiful … Erika was beautiful … what a great afternoon! I felt so blessed to be part of such a special time for her!

I’d like to wish Erika the best … you only graduate high school once, so have FUN! but be SAFE!

SLR Basics Workshop

I’d like to thank the 8 or so moms who came to the workshop on Wednesday! and a big THANK YOU to Anna for setting it up.

I know its hard to listen, learn, and watch the little ones, you did great! I hope everyone took something away with them.

For those of you who missed it, here’s the list of what we covered:

  • Automatic Modes – what are they? what do the different modes do?
  • Semi Automatic Modes – what are they? what do the different modes do?
  • Manual Mode – what is it? what do I need to practice in order to confidently use it?
  • 3 Elements of Exposure – what does ISO, shutter speed, and aperture have to do with it?
  • DoF – what does it mean? what setting should I use and when?

It was a LOT to cover in about an hour, so please don’t feel like you’ll never understand. The key is to PRACTICE! Get out of the fully automatic mode & start practicing with Av! All moms have a perfect subject matter – their kids! You can practice by documenting the fleeting moments of their childhood. What’s their favorite toy? What face do they make that just melts your heart? Do they have a favorite t-shirt? Get pictures!! 2 years from now you will have shots to take you down memory lane.

The next class will cover how to use your camera settings to get more creative shots. I will also try to cover some information on composition. So watch for information on when & where. If you aren’t a Facebook Fan, become one so you don’t miss it!

But if there’s some burning question or you just don’t know where to find the information – please ask! I may know where to direct you.

Practice, practice, practice!

and thanks again!