The Full Service Me…

Lately, I’ve been really thinking about my photography business …
where do I want to go?
who do I want to be?
how do I set those goals for myself?

One of the things I’ve come to realize is that like anything in life, if you are working on everything; you master nothing.

It’s not easy to go from thinking about posing a bride one day to posing a high school senior the next. I feel that in order to really improve my skills, I need to focus & specialize. That led to the next question, what do I love to photograph?

I’ve had a few comments that my business card looks like I “only shoot babies & bellies”. I put a lot of thought into that and have come to the conclusion that while I enjoy ALL photography, I’m passionate about babies & bellies. I think that shows in my work. I’ve also decided (for now) that weddings are an extension of that because they lead to bellies & babies!!

That’s not to say that I won’t be doing Family & Kid sessions … because well, babies get older! But I think my marketing will really be more focused on Maternity & Newborn sessions. It’s what I started out wanting to capture – the beginnings of God’s beautiful gift! And to really feel like my work honors that, I need to get better at it.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to be a ‘Full Service Photographer’.
You want pictures, I’ll take them.
But if you know anyone that’s pregnant – send them my way!!
Practice makes perfect!
Photography is a continuous learning process – that’s why I LOVE it!


Spring is Near!

Spring is my FAVORITE time of year! I’m so excited that spring is almost here!! Sessions at the park, beautiful Arizona weather, and its perfect “Family Photo” time!
And I can’t think of a better way to get excited about it then to shoot some Easter pictures … of Emery!

Some of you may remember that I took some pictures of Emery’s beautiful little smile last August (picture above right). She wear some very special little beanies for me. We had such a great time that I just about couldn’t wait until it was time for her to put on a cute little Easter dress!!
Well, the time has finally arrived! … and even though she wasn’t feeling well, I think her images will still make you smile.

Beautiful Baby Boy

This week I had the pleasure of meeting little Rhett. At 7 days old, he’s one of the youngest babies I’ve photographed.
I’m always amazed how tiny, warm, and snuggley newborns are. And that particular baby smell is God’s way of making sure they WILL be snuggled!

Rhett was so much fun to capture. He never actually feel completely asleep so I patiently waited until he closed his eyes or yawned. And for a newborn, he was SO active! Already lifting his head up and making his mommy and me WORK to get him posed just the right way. All this beautiful boy wanted to do was eat. Glad he won’t remember it was me that delayed his snacks!

Congrats to John & Emily. The most precious gifts are given to those who had to wait! Thank you Lord for little Rhett.

In a Blink of an Eye

Could 7 years really go by so quickly? Yes! In a blink of an eye a quite, shy, 2nd grader is suddenly a beautiful young lady. Where did that time go?

I thank the Lord you can’t see in her face some of the things she’s been through in those 7 years. I admire her for keeping her faith, her beautiful smile, and her kind heart despite what the world has thrown at her.

Wise beyond her years, may she never loose the little girl in her heart.

She’s smart … she’s gorgeous … she just amazes me.

The Cousins

I have to say I was a little nervous going into this shoot … 8 adults & 6 kids! I wasn’t sure where to start. Then I remembered – ALWAYS start with the kids! Why? because they are tired and dirty by halfway through the shoot.

But this was the best group of kids! They were having fun, smiling, and just made everything easy! There’s a LOT of character in this family. It was a pleasure to capture just a little bit of what makes them special.

The Boy discovers Photography

Earlier this week, we went over to the Star Tower in Estrella Mountain Ranch to shoot some sunset pictures. As we got out of the car Reed asked if he could bring his ‘momera’ – of course!

Reed would stop here & there to ‘take a shot’ as we started to walk the trail up to the tower. I’m not sure if he can actually see his shot through the view finder but its awful cute watching him try! He didn’t actually capture any shots (let’s not tell him!) but he will get the hang of it soon.
He has taken shots of things around the house. I’ll post his actual shots soon – its pretty funny to see what he takes … pictures of mommy, daddy, his favorite stuffed bear, the dust pan. They’re mostly out of focus, but one thing at a time! I wanted to frame his 1st picture for his room, until I realized that it was one of me – just rolled out of bed and in the a living room that looks like a war zone. I’ve since decide a little album will do just fine.
But I think my favorite part of this trip was Reed’s reaction to seeing people walking the trail behind us. He told them to “Stop! Say cheese!” and tried to take shots of them! I was SO proud!! They just giggled and kept walking – maybe next time!

Once we got to the Star Tower, he was more interested in the water then his camera. But that’s okay. I was able to get a couple of shots of him that I like – everyone was happy!

Thanks for stopping by – God bless!