Waterfall Trail

Before all the rain started, we had made a trip over to the White Tanks to hike the Waterfall Trail. Its an easy trail that goes back to a natural cliff where water drains into a pool after it rains. There was a little bit of water when we were there, just enough for Reed to throw some rocks.
We were hoping Reed would walk but he gets pretty comfortable in the backpack. I guess that works out okay because we aren’t ready for Reed v. cholla cactus just yet.

This hike was the 1st time Reed showed so interest in what we were shooting. He’s since decided to adopt our old point & shoot (I’ll post those pictures another time).

Randy always likes being out to shoot landscapes and it was fun to watch Reed climb around on the rocks. He’s pretty fearless still. He learned this trip that if mommy isn’t watching you when you jump, you might land on your face (read “might” as “will” if your name is Reed). Anyway, its a nice little walk and most of the trail is stroller accessible. We will definitely make a few more trips and probably pull the pop-up out there for a weekend some time soon!

Introducing Danica …

Last week, I had the pleasure of capturing Danica. This precious 5 week old was the 1st baby to stay awake for the whole session! She decided there was just too much excitement for a nap.

I absolutely love taking photos of newborns. It’s such a special thing to get to interact with a mom & her new baby. And I wish I could have taped Danica’s daddy cooing and giggling at her. Babies truly are a gift from God. They are perfectly made, from their little toes to the scent of their hair – everything about them says “love me”.

Danica was so sweet, she didn’t cry or fuss. She just calmly watched and played along as we tried to get her into poses that only sleeping newborns should have to endure.

Shooting newborns can be tricky … there are lots of breaks for snacking, things sometimes end up wet for one reason or another, and they aren’t always in the mood to sit in front of the camera without mommy – but I love it!

I cant wait to get some more shots of Danica and I look forward to seeing her again in a couple of months!! Congrats to Jayde & Nick – Danica is beautiful blessing!
All of Danica’s shots were taken with a 50mm at 1/100, f/5.6, ISO 100 with 2 OCFs.

Head shots, Looks, Portraits … not Mug Shots

One of the new services that I’m offering this year is head shots. There are lots of different reasons for head shots. Some of the people who need them are students, actors, models, musicians, business people.

Head shots are popular with high school seniors looking for an eye catching shot for the year. Actors, models, singers, and other entertainers are sometimes required to included a head shot along with their resume. Business professionals use head shots for brochures, business cards, marketing literature.

Marcia Ashenfelter of Long Realty come to me for head shots for new business cards and marketing material. Big THANKS! to her for letting me use her shots for this article. So, if you are thinking about buying or selling your home – look up Marica! She can help you with all your real estate needs.

But whatever the reason you may need a head shot – email me for an appointment. Reasonable rates means you can update your business cards or portfolio without breaking the piggy bank. Book your appointment before March 1st and get a 45 minute session & 3 enhanced images on CD for just $75.

Portray how you look or what you do, let me capture a natural you!

Giggles in the Rain

We don’t get much rain in Arizona. Seems like when we do, it’s a LOT of it! Last year I got pictures of Reed sitting in a onesie on the porch in the rain. It was 80* even though it was raining!

This year since he’s a little older, we decided to let him go play in the puddles. So, we bundled him up and brought a change of clothes.

When we got out of the car and told him to run in the puddles he acted like we were crazy! He said “No puddles, stop it” and took off for the play area.

He told me “No Momera!”, which means no camera, no pictures, stop pointing the lens at me! Since he was shoo-ing the “mama-razzi” I figured, oh well! Maybe some other time ….

… but anyone with a toddler knows, it has to be THEIR idea! I was disappointed because I knew he would love the puddles but instead we played a game of chase … which means I run away pretending to be afraid of him, then turn around and start clicking away as he catches up to me. A trick I learned because he refuses to look at the camera! I’ll use it while I can … either way – we are both having fun!

Soon enough I was able to get the shots we had come for! On the way back to the car we cut through the parking lot. A parking lot with TONS of puddles … he couldn’t resist! He was so involved with puddles that I don’t even think he noticed the camera!

…and I was right in thinking he would LOVE the puddles! Good thing we brought a change of clothes. And let’s not forget to thank the Lord for the rain … and for little boys & puddles.

My Photo Card bug!

Before I did photos for hire, I took photos JUST so I could scrapbook! I have a closet FULL of scrapbooking paraphernalia! Some time soon a decision needs to be made, sell it on ebay, donate it, or have one last “scrapbooking all nighter”! But don’t worry, I haven’t given up on scrapbooking – I just do it digitally now! Every once in a while I crave sticky glue on my fingers but there’s so much you can do on the computer that I just haven’t picked up a fancy bladed scissor in forever. I still create full/double page layouts for albums but now I can print the pages out 12×12 and use the file as a template! … and I never have to run to Michael’s in search of the “perfect paper”.

Lately, I use photo flat cards for everything! I find that we send out tons more greetings throughout the year because I can create a card with one of my favorite photos on it! It’s a great way to share pictures with friends & family and say “thank you” or “we love you” all at the same time!

It’s SO much fun to create designs and layout for others (without cutting up their special photos!). And I have say, it’s just as addicting as scrapbooking! So, next time you need a thank you card, Valentine, party invitation, or just a note to say hello – send me an order! Anything can be designed and for a buck a card (with envelope) its a great way to personalize your greeting!

Here are some examples below but the possibilities are endless!

Email me to order (barbie@klickenphotos.com), $25 for 25 flat cards with envelopes

the Cutest Cupid Ever!

One of my favorite babies to shoot is Aiden. He has such a happy personality! He makes it easy to capture his beautiful little smile.
I love doing holiday & theme shoots! Valentine’s is one of my favorites but I cant WAIT to do spring & Easter!! I was so excited to finish the gold wings in time for his shoot.
One of my favorite parts about shooting babies is that Reed jumps up on the couch, holds his arms out and says “Mommy, I wanna hold baby”. And yes, he held Aiden! (even though Aiden is about the same size as Reed!) I love to watch him giggle, coo, and gently touch the baby’s hair – it’s SO cute!
Here are some of Aiden’s shots … How can you NOT smile when you see his little face?! Enjoy!
All of Aiden’s shots were taken at ISO100, 1/100, f/5.6, with a 50mm and 2 OCF’s.

Well, my hopes SOARed!

Now that the disappointment has worn off I’d like to share my SOAR! experience. The SOAR! scholarship from Me Ra Koh was something I stumbled across on Facebook. It was an AWESOME opportunity to help 3 women take their photography business to a new level with the help of Me Ra’s business consultants, marketing experts, and 1000’s of dollars worth of gear.

Applying for the scholarship was one of the hardest (and most nerve wracking!) things I’ve ever done. Unfortunately, my personal life experiences have “trained” me to avoid putting myself in a situation that may cause me to feel let down or rejected. But I decided that I was surrounded by an actress, a videographer, and support from friends for a reason – I NEEDED to apply. (breakthrough: looking past my self doubt)

After working up the nerve, I asked my friends to help me put together a video submission. (breakthrough: asking for help) We had 2 weeks to get it all worked out and submitted. It took me just about 13 of the 14 days to figure out what I was gonna say! I had to figure out a way to (1) grab their attention so I could (2) ask for help?! oh my gosh, I suddenly realized I’ve spent most my adult life AVOIDING those two things! (breakthrough: see last 2 sentences)

After lots of tears, I had it written out & memorized. But I was SO nervous the day we taped that I couldn’t remember a single word of it without my notes! It was a very personal & close to my heart video. I couldn’t believe I was willing to share it with other people. (breakthrough: sharing weaknesses) It was a relief to finally get it submitted and out of my hands. In the time between submitting my video and the announcement of the winners, I did a lot of not only praying but begging that I would be a recipient.

After waiting until 10pm for the winners to be announced, I decided even if the little voice in my head that told me “you’re not going to win, don’t be disappointed” was right – I had already had broken away a lot of my self protecting cocoon. And I’ll admit, I was very disappointed & cried myself to sleep that night … but admitting that is yet another breakthrough for me. I was “over it” in record time – I had too much to do to dwell on not winning. If I was going to have to make this business work with out the scholarship to help, I had LOTS to do! It was then I realized, that was the point of the experience and I walked away from the process with a new ownership of my abilities.

I’m a different person for having applied to this scholarship. I made more breakthroughs over the 1 month process then I thought possible! I may not be one of the 3 shouting “I WON!” from the mountaintops but since I’ve started up that mountain, I’m going to keep climbing! The Lord has a path already picked out for me. And while it may not include a jump start in the way of a scholarship, it does include me breaking through that cocoon to be the beautiful me that I was MADE to be.

I’ll soar, I’ll still pull others along with me, AND I’ll have a stronger voice to shout from the mountaintops when I get there!

Thank you to all my friends and loved ones that supported me through this … I’m not done yet!

The Storyteller in me….

Hello, my name is Barbie and I am a storyteller (then everyone says “hello, Barbie!). For those of you who know me, you know this about me already! There is always a story … and then another one. My sisters & I can spend hours telling stories about life, about loved ones, and about the silly things we do! Even a simple trip to the grocery store is a story in my world!

This is where photography enables my creativity. I’m not a writer (as some of you may have noticed). I’m kinda shy so, not everyone gets to hear the stories that bubble around inside of my head. But with photography, I can capture & document the story that needs to be shared.

Here’s where photography meets up with me as a mom. With Reed, every day holds 100’s of stories. Every child is special, every child is unique, every child has a story. Everything from the way they play with their toys, to the faces they make while watching a favorite cartoon is so easily forgotten! Seems like forever all they do is play with trains, but overnight they are older and all the little details are lost.

Below is a story of a 2 year old that loves to play in his room on his own. I can sit in the corner of his room completely unnoticed because he is busy being himself. I’ll share some of those photos that tell the story of how he spends time just being a toddler. He has a little plastic stool that he moves around to turn on his radio, or turn on the light, or block the door so he has enough time to get into trouble!

They may just look like pictures to you but to me they are moments that I want to remember of a little boy we prayed & waited for 9 years to arrive … a little boy that will be a big boy in a blink of an eye!

I want to capture every little detail of Reed’s childhood. How he plays with his toys, which toys are his favorite, the faces he makes while he’s pretending, how he moves his mouth while he’s jibber jabbering his ‘Reedish’. I want to savor every ounce of his little ways. Some day he will be all grown up, married, and living apart from me … and I will have these little glimpses of his childhood, little pieces of him captured in a photo, little moments that will always remind me to thank the Lord for Reed!

Serene: 1. calm, peaceful, or tranquil

Yesterday I had the pleasure of capturing Serene.

I got some of my favorites shots from this shoot. It was hard to decide which ones to post. As beautiful as she is, she was as much fun to photograph … such a sweet spirit!

I put her in tutus made by TutuMamas.com (beautifully made, I highly recommend their tutus & hair bows!) Add some pretties in her hair & Serene just glowed with excitement!

Every little girl should own a tutu & tiara of her own! They are ALL princesses. It was an honor to photograph this beautiful little creation! Thank you Lord for Serene.

oh! and I guess I should mention that I wasnt the only one that thought Serene was adorable!

I think Reed may be in love.

Serene’s shots were all taken in my home studio. (setup: 2 OCF’s ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/100sec, 50mm)

A Boy with stick, Mom with Camera, Family with Eachother

Welcome to my blog!

Since this is my first entry, let me introduce you to what we like to do as a family – photo walks. Sometimes we go to the park, the White tanks, but earlier in the week we went to one of our favorites places, B&M Preserve. There’s lots to explore there and Reed (who turned 2 y/o in Sept) LOVES to run around there while we shoot.

We decided to go down just before sunset. Man, did it get cold quick! But we managed to get out without fishing Reed out of the water this time. While I’m taking shots of them, his daddy takes shots of the scenery, and Reed plays with rocks, bugs & sticks!

It was a nice time. I’m really excited that Randy got his own camera so we can both shoot. Reed is excited that daddy cares more about pictures of mountains then pictures of him. And Randy is excited to just get out into nature.

The Dept of Fish & Game has been doing a good job of cleaning the area up. It’s much nicer down there then last year. You should go check it out, the parking lot is literally just below Phoenix Int’l Raceway. We’re looking forward to spending more time there … maybe start fishing for the new year!

…thanks for checking out my blog! I will be posting pictures from photo sessions soon! But feel free to check out my galleries or Facebook page (link top right). Thanks & God bless!